are you looking for ongoing support to help you and your business grow?

Just to clarify, by GROW – I don’t necessarily mean bigger. There are lots of different ways to grow a successful business – you may want to work more deeply with your existing clients, reach out to a wider audience to share your ideas or expertise, work fewer hours so you have more time for the other (possibly more important) things in your life… and of course, you probably want to increase your income.

Partnering with a business coach for the long-haul, who “gets” your idea of success and knows you and your business intimately, will help you achieve your dreams much faster than going it alone.

The GROWTH package has been created to support you to move closer to “wholehearted success” month-by-month for as long as short as you need (although I do recommend a minimum of 3 months for the benefits to start kicking in). The pace of that growth is largely in your hands, and you still need to “do the work” – I can’t do it for you! However, having someone on hand as a sounding board, accountability partner, cheer squad and possibly even a friend (even if they do pull you into line every now and then) will help you not only build a great business, but a fabulous life too!



This program has been created to help you move consistently and steadily forward towards achieving your goals, by meeting regularly every month. Each month I’ll check-in with your progress and help you set next month’s accountability tasks, and then the rest of our time is for YOU.

You may wish to brainstorm a new idea, work through a challenge or block, learn a new skill or discuss options for marketing, systems or getting assistance for your business. No subject is off limits. Sometimes your most pressing problem won’t be about business at all. That’s fine. This is YOUR time! That said, I will keep you on task and ensure you get maximum value from our session, no matter what the topic of discussion.

If you haven’t worked with a coach before, I recommend you book a CLARITY intensive session prior to starting this program so that we are both confident that your Business Essential Equation (WHO + WHY = WHAT) that forms the core of your business strategy, is leading you down the right track. After all, you don’t want to put all this work into something that isn’t financially viable or is not quite the right solution for your ideal customers.


Partnering with a coach for the long term can feel like a big decision, not to mention a substantial investment in your business.

Considering how much time we’re going to spend together, I highly recommend you book a FREE 30 minute Discovery Session before you commit. This will help you work out whether I am the right coach for you, and also allows me to understand your goals and do a little more preparation prior to our first session so you get the best value out of our time together. This session will also help us decide whether you’re better off starting with a CLARITY intensive session, or you are ready to dive straight in.

Here are a few more details to help you decide whether the GROWTH program is the right decision for your business.


Who is this program/session for?

GROWTH coaching is for any woman running a micro or small business who wants a long-term partner to support them to gradually grow their business month-by-month over the short or long term.

However, it is particularly relevant if you:

  • Have been dabbling in business for a while, and now have to start making a reasonable income to support yourself and your family;
  • Find you get bogged down in the day-to-day running of your business and want to work smarter, not harder;
  • Are struggling with your marketing or other areas of your business, and need someone to brainstorm ideas with and to help you get out of your own way; OR
  • Are feeling a bit isolated from working on your own, getting caught up in your own head, and feel that you will progress further if you have an accountability partner.

This option won’t suit you if you are looking for fast growth in a short period of time or need to turn around a struggling business, In this case, I would suggest my MOMENTUM package.

What do I get?

With GROWTH coaching, we meet for regular 1 hour sessions for as long or as short as you need, although I do recommend a minimum of 3 months to start reaping the benefits. 

You will also receive the Wholehearted Business Essentials eGuide and Workbook which will provide you with a record of your Business Strategy for the year ahead, as well as a documented Action plan.

During our time together, you will also receive ongoing email support – if you have a quick question or want to run an idea by me, you can shoot me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

How does it work?

Pre-Coaching Questionnaire & Discovery Call

When you first book your Discovery Call, you will be invited to fill in a Pre-Coaching Questionnaire as part of the booking process. Please be open and honest with your answers, as these will allow me to better understand your business, any other moving parts of your life, and the areas of your life and business you wish to improve. This means we can spend our initial time together exploring your answers more deeply, and decide whether we are a good “fit” and would like to work together.

The Discovery Call is absolutely free and there is no obligation to proceed further

For our monthly Coaching calls:

Our 1 hour calls which are held online via Zoom. You will be invited to schedule your first call time via my Acuity booking program when you initially purchase your subscription. 

How much does it cost and how do I sign up?

There are 2 payment options for the GROWTH program:

Subscription: $495 per month – CLICK HERE

Upfront for 12 months: $4950 incl. GST – CLICK HERE

(Essentially, this gives you 2 months’ of coaching for free)

As a bonus, pricing for the GROWTH package is grandfathered. This means that you keep your current package pricing for as long as you continue to work with me, even when my prices rise.

Upon completion of your first payment, you will receive an email notification with a coupon link to book in your session times. It is recommended that you book a regular session time each month (e.g. first Thursday at 10am) to keep up momentum and make it easier to remember your appointment time. If you get stuck, please let me know so I can assist you with scheduling your appointments.

Prices include GST.


Please select the right package for your business, pay online and schedule your appointments via my booking system.
12-month program with
UP FRONT payment


Best Value





per month



12-month program with
UP FRONT payment


Best Value



monthly subscription


per month



*All prices include GST for Australian residents.


“When I started working with Cath, I didn’t have a lot of experience in business and understanding how to connect with my customers. Cath helped me work through some business and marketing basics and look at different ways to promote my business.

Our regular catchups were great. Cath provided another “business head” for me to bounce ideas off, brainstorm solutions or just talk things through with. She’s friendly and easy-going, and very experienced and knowledgeable. If I asked her a question, I found that she’d usually dealt with it before in her own business, or seen how it worked in other businesses.

Running my business is so much smoother – and that makes me very happy!”

Mel Hooper

Melsways Women's Fitness

“Cath has been amazing as a coach and mentor for my business Smashcake. She has such a broad knowledge of many aspects of running a small business, and I learnt more about my running my own business in the first 6 months of having regular sessions with Cath than I had in over 7 years in business.

Most importantly I looked at my business with a fresh perspective and always seemed to have new goals to achieve – thanks to the accountability tasks we set together on a monthly basis. All of this has led to a more productive and profitable business with a “real” direction, which I am very grateful for.

The thing that struck me most about Cath when we had our first coaching session was that she seemed to already know my business inside out. It was obvious that she had done a lot of research before we spoke.

She’s shown a sincere and genuine interest in wanting to see my business succeed. I would highly recommend Cath to anyone who is after intelligent, well considered business and marketing advice.

Kylene Lovat