Wholehearted Success Coach


What does success look like to you?

Not everyone who starts a business wants to build an empire. Sure, you want to be valued for your unique skills, knowledge and experience, but all that talk about 60 (80, 100)-hour weeks, 6-figure launches, building sales funnels and hustle, hustle, hustle simply isn’t your scene.

What you really want is to do great work for good people who appreciate you and LOVE what you do. You want freedom and flexibility to live life on YOUR terms, earn a decent living, nurture yourself and those around you, and maybe just change the world in the process!

In short, you want to achieve “wholehearted” success.

Hi! I’m Cath

It’s been quite a journey to arrive here… and yet this is probably where I’ve always been heading. Helping amazing people achieve their dreams, having some creative fun, running my own show.

With over 25 years’ experience as a marketing professional, many in my own business, I believe it is now time to share my experience, skills and wisdom with other women in business, so that together we can help reshape our world into one that is more sustainable, loving, kind and connected.

Are you ready to join me?



It is my deep passion to help women create a thriving business WITHIN a life – one full of many other moving parts… raising kids and supporting partners, spending quality time with family and friends, being active in our local communities, taking care of our own health and wellbeing, and of course, being part of a wider world that is desperately in need of our help.

By watching and learning from other small business owners – from the smallest startups to world renowned “gurus” – not to mention my own successes AND failures – I’ve developed a simple, down-to-earth approach that can be applied across the whole gamut of small and micro business models. It’s designed to help you do less and achieve more in your business, so that you have the time, money and energy to enjoy your business AND all the other things in your life.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution or miracle cure here. After all, your dream business is as individual as you are.

It’s my job to help you find that sweet spot where your purpose and passion meet a real-world need and you are valued for doing what you do best… and to grow a business that becomes ever more fulfilling and joyful.

Some of the key areas I help my clients with:

Starting a New Business

Business Strategy & Planning

Branding & Marketing

Goal Setting & Accountability

Mindset & Confidence

Product/Service Development


Pricing & Money Mindset

Work/Life Harmony

Ethical & Sustainable Business


“When I first started working with Cath, I was at a real crossroads in my business. I was unsure in which direction I wanted the business to move into and how to integrate my private life in a positive way that was sustainable for my overall wellbeing.

From the very first session, Cath provided a safe space to be completely honest and to come to decisions and outcomes on my own, with gentle guidance and a beautiful sounding board when necessary. She helped me integrate some life changing habits and thought processes, by putting myself and my personal life first. Only then could I embrace the parts of my work that I was scared to be judged for previously.

I am now confidently putting into place the actions required to create a more fulfilling and sustainable business that serves me. Thank you Cath for everything!”

Rhianna Bridgett

The Wellness Nest

“I was excited to work with Cath, as even though I’ve worked with coaches on mindset, dreams and goals before, I wanted to take action – and lots of it – to pivot my business in a new direction. While I originally had a specific goal in mind, the coaching process actually took me down an interesting path, before finding my way back to it with way more clarity than before.

Cath was very easy to work with and had my best personal and business interests at heart throughout. Her marketing background added depth and a different perspective to her coaching. I didn’t want it to be over!”

Emma McMillan

Copywriter and Copy Coach

“When I started working with Cath, I didn’t have a lot of experience in business and understanding how to connect with my customers. Cath helped me work through some business and marketing basics and look at different ways to promote my business.

Our regular catchups were great. Cath provided another “business head” for me to bounce ideas off, brainstorm solutions or just talk things through with. She’s friendly and easy-going, and very experienced and knowledgeable. If I asked her a question, I found that she’d usually dealt with it before in her own business, or seen how it worked in other businesses.

Running my business is so much smoother – and that makes me very happy!”

Mel Hooper

Melsways Women's Fitness