About Me

Hi! I’m Cath


Before I introduce myself, let me explain what “Wholehearted Success” means to me.

For far too long, the world has relied on a definition of success defined by WEALTH, POWER and STATUS. It’s certainly allowed humanity to push the boundaries, explore new ideas and build vast empires. But it has also come at a cost.

Our planet has been treated as a resource to be exploited for our own gain. We’ve created a society that is vastly unequal, causing great suffering for many of our fellow human beings and of course, our delicate eco-systems. Our lives have become so rushed and over-scheduled we’re losing touch with each other, as well as the deepest parts of ourselves and our place in the universe.

We’re on the brink of collapse.

I recognise that as a highly educated, middle-class, white woman, I have great privilege. I believe I can use this good fortune, along with others like me, to help implement significant social change.

For me, and many women I have met in recent years, this has been through making a radical choice – to opt out of the mainstream workforce and build a life on our own terms…

We are carving out new ways of working and living, so that we can enjoy a more “wholehearted” version of success.

Here’s what I believe that looks like:

PURPOSE – having a deep sense of meaning and fulfilment that comes from bringing together our skills, passions and ideas to solve the problems of the world, while being respected, valued and rewarded appropriately for our efforts.

PROSPERITY – enjoying a high quality of life, in a spirit of gratitude and contentment, that is sustainable long-term – and helping others who are not so fortunate to live well too.

CONNECTION – working collaboratively and sharing our skills, ideas and knowledge openly for the good of all, while building strong relationships with our families, friends, colleagues and the wider community.

JOY – living a full, vibrant life with a sense of fun and hope for a bright future.

ACTION – knowing that nothing will change unless we actually DO something – and then actually doing it!

Are you ready to join me?

My Story in a nutshell.

I’m your typical over-achiever!

For most of my life, I took great pride in achieving whatever I set my mind to – getting good marks at school, being accepted into the top design course, gaining a black belt in Taekwondo, travelling the world, having a successful career, living a dream life in the beautiful Dandenong ranges – complete with views and a forest for a backyard. Did I mention chickens?

Failure simply wasn’t an option.

Then came my first business adventure. I started my stationery business, Leaf, on the back of a GFC redundancy. My son had just turned 3 and I was exhausted from trying to balance my busy corporate marketing job, studying part-time to complete an MBA and attempting to be the best wife and mum I could be in the limited time available. Being paid to leave and start a business felt like I was being handed my dreams on a silver-platter.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go to plan, and 4 years later I was faced with a difficult choice… do I go back into the mainstream workforce or do I start again? When I looked at my life, EVERYTHING (apart from the money) had been a huge success. I was happier, healthier and far less stressed than I had ever been, I had made loads of new friends, renewed my connections with old ones, and I was finally the mum I had always hoped to be – in short, I loved my life. It was a huge epiphany!

Going back to my roots as a graphic designer and marketing professional, I started Wholehearted Marketing. Although most of my work was designing brands and building websites. I also coached a few clients and ran some training workshops – discovering my true zone-of-genius. Which brings me here…

I GET what it takes to run a small business as a 21st Century woman. I’ve learned how to make it work without having to do ALL the things, and I’m delighted to be able to share this experience with you.

Together we can be the change!

It’s important to Walk the Talk

While I don’t claim to be perfect, I do try to make my own little difference in the world by:

  • Shopping and dining at small, local businesses, and choosing Australian (preferably Australian-made), ethically and sustainably produced products wherever I can. I try to choose quality items that last. For my photos I was proud to be wearing two very pretty tops by Byron Bay designer, Harriet Jane Designs, sourced from my local boutique From Dust (formerly Dalcheri) in Sassafras. Most of my jewellery was created by local artisans.
  • I also try to support other local women in business when I do need services for my business. A big shout out to Fi Mims for the wonderful photography, as well as Lisa Rathgen for hair and make-up and The Summer House in Torquay for the most divine location!
  • Eating organic (well, mostly), buying recycled products where possible and minimising waste in both the business and our household.
  • Being actively engaged in my local community and the wider community of women entrepreneurs. I currently facilitate a women’s business networking group in Kallista and ran the environment club at our local primary school for several years.
  • Supporting causes I believe in through my business… at the moment these are Room to Read and AIME Mentoring. Both these organisations help kids to achieve their full potential through education. It’s not a large donation for now, but as my business grows, so will my monthly contribution. Every little bit helps!

I’ll be sharing other tips and ideas on how to live and do business more ethically and sustainably from time to time on my blog.

Proudly supporting

Proudly supporting Room to Read
Proudly supporting AIME Mentoring