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Not everyone who goes into business is a marketing expert, financial guru or tech-wiz. Chances are you (or your members) love what you (or they) do, and are most likely very good at it. But the business side of things… well, that’s another story!

It’s important to take some time out to focus ON your business every so often – to gain clarity, set goals, develop action plans, and learn some new skills. The opportunity to do this in a safe environment with expert guidance on hand, surrounded by others on the same journey, may be just what you and/or your network or organisation needs.


Could your organisation, business group or professional association use some business and marketing savvy?

By working directly with your organisation or network, I can fully customise online lectures, an ongoing webinar series, or even deliver half-day or full-day in-person workshops, that meet your members or colleagues where they are at. 

You provide the people… I’ll do the rest!



My Planning Day Retreats have become an essential part of many of my long-term clients’ planning activities.

These day-long escapes, surrounded by nature and good company, provide a relaxed opportunity to focus on your business away from the normal distractions – to reflect on the previous year’s successes and challenges, reconnect with your WHY,  and set your goals and action plans for the coming 6-12 months. 

Dates and booking info are announced a month or so before a retreat, so please subscribe to my newsletter to stay posted.


Occasionally, I offer public workshops and online webinars, so if you’re not sure you can get a whole group together, you can still enjoy the experience of learning with others. Make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to ensure you don’t miss out.

WHAT TO EXPECT for your group

Selecting the right speaker or facilitator to present to your network or organisation is essential. You want to be confident that this person not only has the expertise and personality to deliver an engaging and thought provoking event, but will also understand your industry’s or organisation’s unique culture, expectations and challenges. After all, your reputation is at stake!

To help you work out whether I am an ideal speaker or facilitator for your group, I highly recommend you book a FREE 30 minute Discovery Session as your first move, although you may find some of the answers you are looking for below.


What topics can you help us with?

I have presented workshops and webinars, large and small, about a range of business and marketing related topics. My real passion is for heart-centred solutions and developing solid foundations for a viable business.

Here are just a few examples of topics I have presented previously:

Start Smart
We will work through the Essential Business Equation WHO + WHY = WHAT, and tackle all the practical things that someone new in business needs to know – from business and trademark registrations, to setting up a (home) office space, to choosing a designer. This topic covers a lot of ground!

Marketing for Non-Marketing People

For women in professional practice, caring industries or creative fields, marketing can be really challenging. This workshop introduces a more “wholehearted” approach to marketing, taking the “ickiness” out of it and providing some alternative approaches. It also offers a framework for a well-rounded, effective marketing plan that won’t take up a lot of time, money or energy.

Honouring your Value

Why as women do we find it so hard to charge appropriately? This workshop covers this essential question and looks at pricing and value from both a mindset and practical perspective.

Planning for Wholehearted Success
What do you want to achieve in your business AND life, and how can you actually get it done? This topic looks at setting and prioritising your Goals, developing realistic Action plans, and implementing daily micro-actions as a way of moving your business forward while dealing with the busy-ness of day-to-day operations – not to mention the rest of your life.

Content Marketing
How to develop a solid content marketing strategy, generate creative content ideas and get the most value out of your efforts. This workshop usually includes brainstorming exercises to demonstrate the range of potential content solutions, and work out the best options for different types of businesses.

How does it work?

Depending on the needs of your group, I can deliver training workshops or keynotes in a variety of ways. Webinars, online training, conference presentations or even in-person workshops are all possible.

Group sizes can be from 6 up to about 20 participants for workshops, and any number for conferences and keynotes.

It really is up to you and the needs of your group or organisation.

Following on from our Discovery Call, I will prepare a proposal including an agenda for your group training, basic requirements (e.g. data projector) as well as a comprehensive quote for preparation and delivery. Once approved and a 50% deposit has been paid, I will supply a basic course outline and bio to help you promote the event. Depending on the complexity of the event we may have 2-3 meetings to finalise content and the finer details. Final payment is due on the day of your event.

It is your responsibility to set prices, organise a suitable venue and catering, promote the event to your members and take bookings. If you would like feedback from attendees, you will also be required to prepare your own evaluation process.

Otherwise, I will prepare a presentation and participant workbooks (digital PDFs or printed and bound for real life events) and send through everything for your approval well in advance of the event. All is left then is to turn up on the day.

How much does it cost?

Every event is different and so you will need to request a custom proposal to ensure I understand your specific needs and quote appropriately. To do this, book a FREE Discovery Call so we can talk through all the details.

Below will give you a rough idea of what to expect… although these costs do not include travel, accommodation, meals or other expenses.

1 hour workshop/webinar (incl. preparation time)
FROM $1650 incl. GST

1/2 day workshop/webinar (incl. preparation time)
FROM $3300 incl. GST

Full day workshop/webinar (incl. preparation time)
FROM $5500 incl. GST

Please note: except in unusual circumstances, I am NOT available to speak or present workshops at no charge. I have bills to pay too!!

What about public workshops and retreats?

At this stage, I am planning on holding a mid-year Planning Day Retreat in late June 2023 – venue to be finalised, but most likely in the Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne.

To ensure you don’t miss out, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter, as this will be the first place any announcements will be made.



“I initially engaged Cath as a training facilitator to offer advice to our members who are art therapists in private practice, to help them understand business basics.

They are creative, but lack some knowledge of running a private business. They also find it hard to direct their focus to those more mundane aspects of running a business.

We needed someone who could engage with them in a way that helped them to see the value and purpose of their work, who understood their therapeutic and creative processes and who could ‘translate’ business and marketing terms and practices into insights that were meaningful for them.

Cath was very easy to work with, and tailor made a webinar series and follow-up workshop especially for my members. She went above and beyond what was required. The response from attendees of both the webinars and workshop was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees saying that she was engaging as a trainer and the information provided was practical and useful for their practice.”

Kate Dempsey

Executive Officer, ANZACATA

Cath’s Planning Retreat has been part of my business planning process since I first established Think Bespoke. It’s the combination of the environment Cath creates and the invaluable tools she provides that have kept me coming back year after year. If you are thinking about being more considered in your approach to marketing or you simply don’t have the headspace to do it alone, this retreat is for you! I highly recommend it..”

Karen Hollenbach

Think Bespoke

I have been a regular attendee at Cath’s Planning Retreats for several years. Cath is a skilled marketing and business strategist who takes a special interest in every client who attends. I always appreciate Cath’s guidance and assistance and her crystal-clear, planning documents that enable easy analysis of your business’ strengths, challenges and ideal customer. I like the fact that Cath’s events are smaller, which enables more connection with others and more thinking time – and they are also good fun, which is always important!

Anne George

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