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Joyful practices to re-energise your team

Is your team struggling to get back into the swing of things after the disruptions of the past few years?

Are they:

  • Lacking in focus, finding it hard to get into a rhythm and failing to meet deadlines?
  • Making poor decisions or acting out inappropriately?
  • Struggling to reconnect with each other and your clients?

It’s hard to lead people when they’re not performing at their best – especially if you’re also feeling exhausted and over it!

But there is an antidote that is easy to access with a few simple practices… JOY!

Using a blend of self-reflection exercises and fun, interactive group activities, the program kicks off with a 3-hour in-person workshop to introduce your team to the benefits of joy at work.

Based on the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology, it provides participants with positive, easy-to-implement practices to help bring more joy into your workplace and their lives as a whole.

Interested in finding out more? The Working with JOY! Pilot Program is commencing in February/March 2024. Contact me for further details.

In this workshop we will explore:

The What and Why of Joy
The different types of joy, how the neuroscience of joy works, and why we need to cultivate joy in our workplaces.

Joyful Vision
What a joyful life looks like for us as individuals, and how each one of us can bring this vision into our workplace to create a joyful culture that is shared collectively.

Joyful Energy
Simple joyful activities and practices that can help enhance our energy and focus.

Joyful Relationships
Ways to bring joy into our interactions at work to ensure your workplace culture is based on community, respect, kindness and appreciation.

Joyful Action
Ideas and strategies for how your organisation can better work with joy.

Follow-up activities and support for your leadership team is available to help embed participants’ learning and deliver cultural change throughout your organisation.



Selecting a trainer or facilitator to present to your network or organisation is essential. You want to be confident that this person not only has the expertise and personality to deliver an engaging and thought provoking program, but will also understand your industry’s or organisation’s unique culture, expectations and challenges.

To help you work out whether I am a good fit for your organisation, I highly recommend you book a FREE 30 minute Discovery Session as your first move, although you may find some of the answers you are looking for below.


What topics can you help us with?

While I have presented many workshops and webinars over the years about a range of business and marketing related topics, workplace programs are a new offering that I am excited to be adding to my portfolio.

So if what you’re looking isn’t on the list below, please get in touch anyway and we can discuss whether I can help you.

Here are just a few examples of topics I’m currently exploring:

• Women’s career trajectories and pathways to leadership
• Designing joyful workplace cultures as an antidote to stress and burnout (coming soon with the Working with JOY! Pilot Program)
• Flexibility and work/life balance
• Collaboration, co-working and community – creating workplaces for people, not just profit.


How does it work?

Depending on the needs of your organisation, I can deliver training workshops or keynotes in a variety of ways. Webinars, online training, conference presentations or even in-person workshops are all possible.

Group sizes can be from 6 up to about 20 participants for workshops, and any number for conferences and keynotes.

It really is up to you and the needs of your group or organisation.

Following on from our Discovery Call, I will prepare a proposal including an agenda for your group training, basic requirements (e.g. data projector) as well as a comprehensive quote for preparation and delivery. Once approved and a 50% deposit has been paid, I will supply a basic course outline and bio to help you promote the event. Depending on the complexity of the event we may have 2-3 meetings to finalise content and the finer details. Final payment is due on the day of your event.

It is your responsibility to set ticket price (if appropriate), organise a suitable venue and catering, promote the event to your members and/or employees and take bookings.

I will prepare a presentation and participant workbooks (digital PDFs or printed and bound for real life events) and send through everything for your approval well in advance of the event. All is left then is to turn up on the day.

If you require feedback from attendees and/or a follow-up report, this can be arranged. Please ensure you mention this during the briefing process.

How much does it cost?

Every program and client is different, and so you will need to request a custom proposal to ensure I understand your specific needs and quote appropriately. To do this, book a FREE Discovery Call so we can talk through all the details.

Below will give you a rough idea of what to expect… although these costs do not include travel, accommodation, meals or other expenses.

1 hour workshop/webinar (incl. preparation time)
FROM $1650 incl. GST

1/2 day workshop/webinar (incl. preparation time)
FROM $3300 incl. GST

Full day workshop/webinar (incl. preparation time)
FROM $6600 incl. GST

Please note: except in unusual circumstances, I am NOT available to speak or present workshops at no charge. I have bills to pay too!!



“I initially engaged Cath as a training facilitator to offer advice to our members who are art therapists in private practice, to help them understand business basics.

They are creative, but lack some knowledge of running a private business. They also find it hard to direct their focus to those more mundane aspects of running a business.

We needed someone who could engage with them in a way that helped them to see the value and purpose of their work, who understood their therapeutic and creative processes and who could ‘translate’ business and marketing terms and practices into insights that were meaningful for them.

Cath was very easy to work with, and tailor made a webinar series and follow-up workshop especially for my members. She went above and beyond what was required. The response from attendees of both the webinars and workshop was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees saying that she was engaging as a trainer and the information provided was practical and useful for their practice.”

Kate Dempsey

Executive Officer, ANZACATA